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Dithiocyanomethane (MBT)
CAS Number: 6317-18-6
Chinese synonyms: dithiocyanomethane; rubber additive; acetaminophen; methylene dithiocyanate; methylene dithiocyanate; methylene dithiocyanate; MBT-98 powder dithiocyanate Methane; Dithiocyanomethane (MBT)
Melting point 104-106 °C(lit.)Boiling point 285.2±23.0 °C(Predicted)Density 1.492 (estimate)Refractive index 1.5300 (estimate)Flash point >110°C
The main uses of dithiocyanomethane are as follows:
1, Used as an anti-mold preservative for leather, wood, etc.
2. Used for rice seed soaking to control various leaf spot diseases.
3. Used for sterilization and disinfection of swimming pool water.
4. Used in industrial Chemicalbook circulating water treatment.
5. It is used in oil fields to reduce oil layer pollution, prevent clay expansion, sterilization and scale prevention, and increase production.
6. It is widely used in water treatment, sterilization and algae killing. 7. Used as fish medicine and widely used in aquaculture.


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